Evaluation of Cu oxides with (S)TEM
Examples of evaluation for oxidation states at nm area with (S)TEM are shown. Chemical states mapping are acquired with composition analysis by EDS (including quantification) and EELS combining with multiple linear least-squares (MLLS) fitting analysis. Crystal structure identification by electron diffraction are also available. TechData_P01144E (PDF:768KB)
Measurement of water diffusion into sealing layer
For evaluation of water sealing layer, we provide water diffusion measurement service using heavy water (D2O) treatment and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS). This service is applicable to organic sealing layer also. TechData_P01138E (PDF:265KB)
Surface Analysis by TOF-SIMS
TOF-SIMS is one of the most sensitive technique for the surface analysis. It is widely used for the troubleshooting related to the surface or the interface of devices, the component analysis of small areas or thin layers, and so on. TechData_P01252E (PDF:349KB)
For realization of more accurate thermal design
In thermal design, in order to reduce the deviation between the temperature distribution of the device during operation and the results of the heat transfer calculations, the exact model and accurate properties are required. The best way for realizing the optimal thermal design are to apply a suitable technique for measuring the thermophysical property values of used material, furthermore, to be evaluate the heat release characteristics of an actual device. TechData_P01001E (PDF:492KB)
Evaluation of the thermal properties for the semiconductor device
In "Thermal design" of semiconductor devices, it is important to know accurate thermophysical properties. An optimal measurement method must be used in consideration of the characteristics of the material. TechData_P01871E (PDF:297KB)
Solution Service for Electronic Devices - Thermal management, High frequency technology, Lifetime prediction -
Total solution for electronics packaging. TechData_P02016E (PDF:311KB)
Nano ESI-MS with LESA
-Sensitive Qualification of Surface Contamination and Attachments-
For structural analysis of very small amounts of organic components and low molecular weight components attached to surfaces, high-sensitivity NanoESI (Electro Spray Ionization) with "LESA"(Liquid Extraction Surface Analysis)-Nano ESI-MS measurements are useful. TechData_P01930E (PDF:217KB)