Analysis methods of LED components
The optimal analytical methods are possible based on various LEDs characteristic even for a phosphor, a package, and a product from a light-emitting device. TechData_P01081E (PDF:77KB)
Failure Analysis Techniques for Semiconductor Devices
Physical and chemical analysis techniques are widely used for semiconductor failure analysis. The analysis of "invisible defects" is becoming important because of the requirement of high-level reliability. TechData_P00989E (PDF:365KB)
Depth profiles and Imaging of impurities on LED epitaxial layers by TOF-SIMS
Accurate depth profiling and imaging analysis can be achieved by using the function of high mass resolution of TOF-SIMS. Furthermore TOF-SIMS enables to acquire depth profiles with good depth resolution and imaging with good spatial resolution as shown below. TechData_P01100E (PDF:195KB)
High sensitivity depth profiling of H, C and O in III-V compound semi-conductor by specialized TOF-SIMS
Detection limits have enormously improved by customizing new TOF-SIMS instrument and developing analytical condition. The detection limit of H, C and O has reached to 1017atoms/cm3 level. TechData_P01240E (PDF:188KB)
SIMS Analysis of Dopants in GaN LED
A novel GaN-based LED was analyzed with dynamic SIMS equipped with two ion sources: Cs+ and O2+. The Cs+ primary ions can offer quantification of AlN mole fraction in AlxGa1-xN layers with high depth resolution, whereas the O2+ ions provide high sensitivity for Mg with no mass interferences. In addition, the simultaneous detection of both Mg and Si was achieved with the use of O2+ primary ions. TechData_P01083E (PDF:147KB)