Compound Semiconductor

Characterization of threading dislocations in GaN single crystal
TechData_S00260E (PDF:243KB)
Defect evaluation of SiC wafers by PL imaging
TechData_S00264E (PDF:1,454KB)
Characterization of SiO2/SiC Interface in SiO2 Films on 4H-SiC Substrate by GD-OES
GD-OES (Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy) provides fast, simultaneous analysis of all elements of interest including the gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine, and is a useful tool to investigate from the surface down to more than 150 microns with a depth resolution that can be as good as 1 nm. Furthermore, it is suitable for the interfacial surface analysis, because GD-OES has a lower matrix effect than Dynamic-SIMS (Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry). Here, we show an example of the depth profiling of several elements in the SiO2 / SiC interface by GD-OES. TechData_P01097E (PDF:142KB)
Depth profiles and Imaging of impurities on LED epitaxial layers by TOF-SIMS
Accurate depth profiling and imaging analysis can be achieved by using the function of high mass resolution of TOF-SIMS. Furthermore TOF-SIMS enables to acquire depth profiles with good depth resolution and imaging with good spatial resolution as shown below. TechData_P01100E (PDF:195KB)
Depth profiles of impurities in the Semi-conductor material by TOF-SIMS
Unique information can be acquired by using TOF-SIMS on Semi-conductor device. TOF-SIMS enable to (1) analyze small area less than 10μm, (2) analyze with high mass resolution mode on the samples with thin multi-layers, (3) qualify and quantify impurities for a specified depth. TechData_P01139E (PDF:500KB)
Dopant evaluation in 4H-SiC by Backside SIMS
Backside SIMS is known as a useful technique to reduce the degradation of the depth resolution. Here, we show an example of the depth profiling of Al in 4H-SiC by back-side SIMS. TechData_P01099E (PDF:202KB)
Electrical Characterisation of materials by Mercury Probe Capacitance Voltage Measurement (MCV)
TechData_T00134E (PDF:198KB)
Depth profiling of carrier density in SiC epi-wafer by MCV
TechData_T00137E (PDF:378KB)
High sensitivity depth profiling of H, C and O in III-V compound semi-conductor by specialized TOF-SIMS
Detection limits have enormously improved by customizing new TOF-SIMS instrument and developing analytical condition. The detection limit of H, C and O has reached to 1017atoms/cm3 level. TechData_P01240E (PDF:188KB)
SIMS Analysis of Dopants in GaN LED
A novel GaN-based LED was analyzed with dynamic SIMS equipped with two ion sources: Cs+ and O2+. The Cs+ primary ions can offer quantification of AlN mole fraction in AlxGa1-xN layers with high depth resolution, whereas the O2+ ions provide high sensitivity for Mg with no mass interferences. In addition, the simultaneous detection of both Mg and Si was achieved with the use of O2+ primary ions. TechData_P01083E (PDF:147KB)
High sensitivity analysis of impurities in SiC semi-conductor by TOF-SIMS
TOF-SIMS enables to analyze impurities at the small area or in the thin film. Here we shows two examples of 1) depth profiles of Al and other impurities in SiO2/SiC, and 2) Al depth profile at the small area (a few μm□) of SiC-MOSFET device. TechData_P01259E (PDF:748KB)