Biological Tissue

Application of Ionic Liquid to SEM Observation
Ionic liquid (IL) is a kind of salt that stays in a molten state even at room temperature. It does not vaporize in vacuum and facilitates electrical conductivity for observations with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Substituting IL for water in samples, IL can keep sample morphology without serious deforming, even loosing water in the SEM. Following shows observation of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane and kelp using IL. This study was supported by “Mega-ton Water System” in FIRST program. TechData_P00964E (PDF:1,090KB)
Freeze-Fracture TEM
Freeze-fracture techniques are based on the mechanical fracture of frozen material and the high-resolution metal foil replication of the exposed surfaces. Replication by vapor deposition of platinum and carbon reveals nano-structures of membrane, interface and dispersion state of materials by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) at high resolution. TechData_S00193E (PDF:668KB)
To investigate the physical properties of the surface - Measurement techniques of surface property -
In the measurement of the pore size distribution, specific surface area and water vapor adsorption characteristics, it is important to select the appropriate measurement techniques in accordance with surface chemical state and pore size. TechData_P00978E (PDF:314KB)
Three-dimensional analysis of rat kidney tissue using X-ray CT and 3D-SEM
The kidney tissue of a rat is three-dimensionally observed by X-ray CT and 3D-SEM. Through imaging of tubules of a kidney and mitochondria in podocytes, we examined these techniques as three-dimensional analysis tools for biological sample. TechData_P01897E (PDF:1,134KB)
Hybrid fluorescence / TOF-SIMS imaging of bio-samples using noble probe immunostaining method
TRC synthesize a noble probe which is both compatible for fluorescence and TOF-SIMS analysis. Combining with an immunostaining method, we perform hybrid fluorescence/TOF-SIMS imaging of antigen proteins in mouse nerve fibers in a quantitative manner. TechData_P01908E (PDF:524KB)
Surface imaging of bio-samples using immunostaining-NanoSIMS
NanoSIMS 50L possesses the highest lateral resolution among SIMS, as well as high mass resolution at the same time. TRC achieved NanoSIMS imaging of proteins in bio-samples with a newly synthesized probe combined to antibody. TechData_P01912E (PDF:1,431KB)
Penetration evaluation of the chemical agent to the hair using NanoSIMS
NanoSIMS 50L possesses the highest lateral resolution among SIMS, as well as high mass resolution. We introduce an example of penetration evaluation of the chemical agent as imaging of cross section of the hair penetrated by a stable isotope (deuterium) labelled compound. TechData_P02074E (PDF:397KB)