Specification of differential compounds and exhaustive analysis by LC/MS multivariate statistical technique
The multivariate analysis of the chromatogram is known as the efficient and exact root-cause-analysis technique of unusual products. The differential compounds between samples can be specified by statistical analysis of the enormous organic compounds detected by LC/MS. TechData_P01194E (PDF:407KB)
The technical progress of measurement of molecular weight distribution of polymers
Using Gel Permeation Chromatography (GPC), the average molecular weight (MW) and the molecular weight distribution (MWD) of polymers can be obtained. Multi-detector GPC enables us to obtain not only MW but also chemical composition, molecular size, intrinsic viscosity. TechData_P00859E (PDF:448KB)
LC/MS/MS methods for optical resolution and quantification of D- and L-amino acids
D-amino acids research has been progressing rapidly in the fields of pharmaceutical, medical, and other life science as well as food, drink, health and cosmetics. TRC has launched new contract service using LC/MS/MS. After pre-column derivatization of amino acids, D- and L- amino acids are resolved optically and quantified simultaneously with ultra-high sensitivity. TechData_P01803E (PDF:436KB)
Deep Proteomics
Here we demonstrate a new LC-MS/MS analysis method for peptide mixtures with high resolution by combining ion exchange chromatography and C18 long monolith column chromatography. Analysis of standard cultured cells resulted that more than 6000 proteins were identified at a quantifiable level. TechData_P01798E (PDF:396KB)