Application of Ionic Liquid to SEM Observation
Ionic liquid (IL) is a kind of salt that stays in a molten state even at room temperature. It does not vaporize in vacuum and facilitates electrical conductivity for observations with a scanning electron microscope (SEM). Substituting IL for water in samples, IL can keep sample morphology without serious deforming, even loosing water in the SEM. Following shows observation of reverse osmosis (RO) membrane and kelp using IL. This study was supported by “Mega-ton Water System” in FIRST program. TechData_P00964E (PDF:1,090KB)
Freeze-Fracture TEM
Freeze-fracture techniques are based on the mechanical fracture of frozen material and the high-resolution metal foil replication of the exposed surfaces. Replication by vapor deposition of platinum and carbon reveals nano-structures of membrane, interface and dispersion state of materials by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) at high resolution. TechData_S00193E (PDF:668KB)
Karl Fischer moisture measurement system
Karl Fischer Method is the method to measure water content in various materials (ex. industrial products, foods, pharmaceutical products). TechData_S00244E (PDF:244KB)
LC/MS/MS methods for optical resolution and quantification of D- and L-amino acids
D-amino acids research has been progressing rapidly in the fields of pharmaceutical, medical, and other life science as well as food, drink, health and cosmetics. TRC has launched new contract service using LC/MS/MS. After pre-column derivatization of amino acids, D- and L- amino acids are resolved optically and quantified simultaneously with ultra-high sensitivity. TechData_P01803E (PDF:436KB)
Peptide Synthesis-Synthesis of Peptide Analogs-
Our peptide synthesis / High quality (high purity) & fast turn around / Technology to produce peptides ≥ 100 residues / A variety of site-selective modifications TechData_P01648E (PDF:254KB)