Imaging of cross section of the skin using NanoSIMS
NanoSIMS 50L possesses the highest lateral resolution among SIMS, as well as high mass resolution at the same time. Here, we introduce examples of measuring cross section of the skin. TechData_P02039E (PDF:369KB)
Freeze-Fracture TEM
Freeze-fracture techniques are based on the mechanical fracture of frozen material and the high-resolution metal foil replication of the exposed surfaces. Replication by vapor deposition of platinum and carbon reveals nano-structures of membrane, interface and dispersion state of materials by transmission electron microscopy (TEM) at high resolution. TechData_S00193E (PDF:668KB)
Analysis of trace restricted substance in cosmetic materials with LC/MS/MS
Strict restriction is imposed on cosmetics to prevent hazardous substances from inclusion and contamination throughout all process (raw materials procurement, manufacturing and preservation). We show the applications to analyze the ultratrace components with LC/MS/MS. TechData_P00654E (PDF:256KB)
Characterization of Liposome Drug Products
The liposome drug product is one of the innovative pharmaceuticals. As encapsulated substances in liposome are selectively delivered to its target site, the effectiveness and stability of the drug in vivo are expected to be improved. According to the guidelines for the development of liposome drug products, we have investigated the particle size distribution, surface charge, phase transition temperature, morphology, and structure. TechData_P01800E (PDF:580KB)
LC/MS/MS methods for optical resolution and quantification of D- and L-amino acids
D-amino acids research has been progressing rapidly in the fields of pharmaceutical, medical, and other life science as well as food, drink, health and cosmetics. TRC has launched new contract service using LC/MS/MS. After pre-column derivatization of amino acids, D- and L- amino acids are resolved optically and quantified simultaneously with ultra-high sensitivity. TechData_P01803E (PDF:489KB)
High sensitive elemental imaging of polymer and biological material by LA-ICP-MS
Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICP-MS) gives us information on trace-level metal with higher sensitivity than other methods. Furthermore, elemental imaging is available for the cross section of biological material as well as polymers. TechData_P01590E (PDF:580KB)
Development of anti-drug antibodies assay (Ligand Binding Assay)
Anti-drug antibodies (ADA) assay is crucial to application for biopharmaceuticals including antibody drugs. TRC offers a series of services to prepare critical reagents for ADA bridging assay, develop and validate the assay method, and conduct study sample analysis. TechData_P01516E (PDF:489KB)
Peptide Synthesis-Synthesis of Peptide Analogs-
Our peptide synthesis / High quality (high purity) & fast turn around / Technology to produce peptides ≥ 100 residues / A variety of site-selective modifications TechData_P01648E (PDF:580KB)
Penetration evaluation of the chemical agent to the hair using NanoSIMS
NanoSIMS 50L possesses the highest lateral resolution among SIMS, as well as high mass resolution. We introduce an example of penetration evaluation of the chemical agent as imaging of cross section of the hair penetrated by a stable isotope (deuterium) labelled compound. TechData_P02074E (PDF:489KB)
Latest IR spectroscopy with sub-micron spatial resolution
Optical Photothermal IR Spectroscopy (O-PTIR) enables the infrared measurement with a high spatial resolution of less than 1 μm. It can be applied to analyze the composition of small foreign substances, the interface composition of multi-layered samples, and even water containing sample. TechData_P01951E (PDF:254KB)