Characterization of Mechanical Properties using Nanoindentation and AFM
Suitable selection of Nanoindentation (NI) or AFM (atomic force microscope) force curve method enables us to evaluate mechanical properties from soft to hard materials. Nanoindentation test can be also performed under high temperature. These methods are applicable for the clues of degradation or adhesion as well as basic characterization of materials. TechData_P01211E (PDF:413KB)
Instrumental analysis for the elimination of foreign substance
Foreign substances in manufacturing process result in defective product and complains from customers. It is quite important to identify the cause of foreign substance to improve the process. Foreign substances are various in form and composition, from organics, inorganics and their mixture, and possesses different size ranging from several micrometer to millimeter. In order to obtain precise composition of the foreign substance, we have been developing sample preparation techniques, applying various instrumental apparatus and improving and expanding our original database. Case examples are shown below. TechData_P00527E (PDF:434KB)
Latest IR spectroscopy with sub-micron spatial resolution
Optical Photothermal IR Spectroscopy (O-PTIR) enables the infrared measurement with a high spatial resolution of less than 1 μm. It can be applied to analyze the composition of small foreign substances, the interface composition of multi-layered samples, and even water containing sample. TechData_P01951E (PDF:254KB)