Inorganics, Ceramics

Precise Determination of Major Constituents in Glass Material
This work describes the composition analysis of a standard glass material by ICP-AES and AAS. Precise and reliable results are available with know-how from long experience in TRC. TechData_P00467E (PDF:435KB)
Pore size evaluation by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy (PALS) is a measurement method for sub-nm ~ nm scale pore size distribution of polymer, inorganic, semiconductor, metal etc.. Positron beam equipment is useful for thin films on substrates as well as bulk materials. TechData_P01159E (PDF:309KB)
Analyzing inorganic materials and lithium ion battery
Many of inorganic materials like glasses and zeolites consist of elements, such as Si, Al, and B. With the solid-state NMR, it is able to acquire the information of neighboring structure combined to Si and information of the coordination number about Al and B. TechData_T00141E (PDF:1,112KB)
Analysis of Chemical State in Micro Area by EPMA
In general, EPMA is used for the elemental analysis in the micro area, because of the high lateral resolution. In addition, It is possible to analyze the chemical state of detected element by using chemical shifts and changes of spectral shape in the WDX spectra. This shows the examples of the analysis of chemical state by EPMA. TechData_P01128E (PDF:366KB)
To investigate the physical properties of the surface - Measurement techniques of surface property -
In the measurement of the pore size distribution, specific surface area and water vapor adsorption characteristics, it is important to select the appropriate measurement techniques in accordance with surface chemical state and pore size. TechData_P00978E (PDF:314KB)
Thermogravimetry-Differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA) measurements under various atmosphere
Specialized TG-DTA measurement system, which perform under the humidity controlled moisture or reduced pressure, is the powerful tool to clarify the weight change and thermal behavior of a material under the various practical use environment, which can not be investigated using usual TG-DTA measurement system. TechData_P00815E (PDF:187KB)