Solar Cell

Characterization of CIGS solar cells by GD-OES
GD-OES (Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectroscopy) provides fast, simultaneous analysis of all elements of interest including the gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine, and is a useful tool to investigate from the surface down to more than 150 microns with a depth resolution that can be as good as 1 nm. Here, we show an example of the depth profiling of several elements of the CIGS (Copper Indium Gallium Selenium) solar cells by GD-OES. TechData_P01109E (PDF:171KB)
Electronic states of a-In-Zn-O films analyzed by x-ray photoelectron and reflected electron energy loss spectroscopies
It is important to investigate the electronic states of transparent conductive oxide (TCO) films to acquire the directions for electrical property control and device development. In this study, we investigated the electronic states of indium zinc oxide (IZO) films deposited under different oxygen flow ratios. The influence of oxygen flow ratios on the electrical properties of IZO films is discussed on the basis of the results obtained by electron spectroscopies. TechData_P00846E (PDF:180KB)
u-RBS/HFS Composition and Density Analysis in Micro Region
New focusing method for MeV ion beam has been developed, and this leads to the application of RBS / HFS analysis in 100mm square (m-RBS / HFS). This method will give you accurate composition and depth profile in specific area, which is useful for evaluation of thin films in devices, antireflection layer in solar cell, etc. TechData_P00984E (PDF:387KB)