Power Semiconductor

Characterization of defects generated by ion-implantation by cathodoluminescence
TechData_S00263E (PDF:235KB)
Evaluation of optical properties using spectroscopic ellipsometry
TechData_P01107E (PDF:389KB)
Failure Analysis Techniques for Semiconductor Devices
Physical and chemical analysis techniques are widely used for semiconductor failure analysis. The analysis of "invisible defects" is becoming important because of the requirement of high-level reliability. TechData_P00989E (PDF:365KB)
Electrical Characterisation of materials by Mercury Probe Capacitance Voltage Measurement (MCV)
TechData_T00134E (PDF:198KB)
Depth profiling of carrier density in SiC epi-wafer by MCV
TechData_T00137E (PDF:378KB)
High sensitivity depth profiling of light elements in Si semi-conductor by specialized TOF-SIMS
Detection limits have enormously improved by customizing new TOF-SIMS instrument and developing analytical condition. The detection limit of H, C and O has reached to 1017atoms/cm3 level, moreover, it can be performed in the small area such as 15μm square. TechData_P01242E (PDF:383KB)
Measurement of water diffusion into sealing layer
For evaluation of water sealing layer, we provide water diffusion measurement service using heavy water (D2O) treatment and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS). This service is applicable to organic sealing layer also. TechData_P01138E (PDF:265KB)
SRA: Spreading Resistance Analysis (Two-Point Probe system)
Spreading Resistance Analysis (SRA) is a technique used to analyze resistivity versus depth in semiconducting samples as a function of position. Two metal probes spaced about 20μm apart are pressed against the bevel surface of the semiconductor and the resistance between these probes is measured. TechData_P00413E (PDF:1,014KB)
Stress characterization by Raman spectroscopy
TechData_S00262E (PDF:131KB)
TXRF (Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence)
TechData_P00412E (PDF:707KB)
Evaluation of the interfacial structure of a SiO2 thin film on a Si substrate
The physical and chemical structure at the interface of SiO2 thin films is known to be closely related to the electrical properties of semiconductor devices. We can provide various analytical techniques (AFM, EPR, FT-IR, TEM-EELS, etc.) for the evaluation at the interface between SiO2 and Si substrate. TechData_P01140E (PDF:537KB)
Depth profiling of impurities in the small patterned Si by highly sensitive TOF-SIMS
We measured the depth profiling of impurities in the small area of 15 μm or less than 10 μm width, using highly sensitive TOF-SIMS. TOF-SIMS is a powerful technique to be able to obtain some information about the depth profiling of impurities in the small patterned Si devices. TechData_P01266E (PDF:614KB)