Peptide Synthesis

We provide not only analysis services but peptide synthesis services to help our customers to advance drug discovery and development.We can make fast and efficient production of non-standard peptides including cyclic peptides as well as peptides difficult to synthesize.We also offer you a variety of services (structural analysis, characterization, etc.). Please try our one-stop service.

Our peptide synthesis

  • High quality (high purity) & fast turn around
  • Technology to produce peptides ≥ 100 residues
  • A variety of site-selective modifications

<Chemical modifications>

Amino group
(N-terminal, Lys, etc.)
Acetylation, biotinylation, palmitoylation, methylation (Lys, Arg), etc.
fluorescent labeling (FAM, FITC, TAMRA, etc.)
Carboxyl group
(C-terminal, Glu, etc.)
Amidation, esterification, thioesterification, etc.
Sulfhydryl group
(Cys, etc.)
Carboxymethylation, carbamidomethylation, disulfide bond formation, etc.
Hydroxy group
(Ser, Thr, Tyr, etc.)
Phosphorylation, sulfuration, esterification, etc.
Cyclization Lactam bridge (head to tail, Lys-Glu, etc.), thioetherification, thiolactone triazole formation(azide-alkyne cycloaddition)
Others PEGylation,(amino group, sulfhydryl group), stable isotope-labeling (Leu[13C6,15N]、Phe[13C9,15N]、etc.),
incorporation of D-amino acids and unnatural amino acids

Technical data (You can download)

  • peptide_01_en.pdf

    01 Peptide Synthesis -Selection of cyclic peptides-

    Most of bioactive compounds interact with target proteins, showing activity. Controlling their conformation enables them to have tight interaction with target proteins and show strong activity. We have technology for cyclic peptides, which can control the conformation of bioactive peptides.

    PDF FILE (PDF:364KB)
  • peptide_02_en.pdf

    02 Human Insulin Synthesis

    There are many kinds of proteins and bioactive peptides with multiple disulfide bonds. We have technology for site-selective disulfide bond formation to synthesize multiple-disulfide peptides with high yield and high purity. Here is an example of synthesis of human insulin (HI) with three disulfide bonds.

    PDF FILE (PDF:295KB)