Investigative Research

Contract Investigative Research

By focusing on what each customer wants to know, we conduct contract research on leading-edge technology. We propose varied research plans to best respond to the requirements of each customer and offer comprehensive analyses with detailed reports based on various kinds of data gathered from suitable information sources.

Contract Investigative Research Diagram


R&D trends and technology development trend surveys
Patent surveys(Patent analysis)
Market trend surveys
Regulatory and policy trend surveys
Evaluation of research results and academic-industrial collaborative support
Collaboration with TRC analytical functions

Contract research examples

Chemical and materials fields Physical properties of chemicals and chemical compounds, safety data, synthesis methods
Market trend of specific materials
Environmental and energy fields Life cycle assessment(LCA)
CO2 immobilization
Various recycle technology
Various batteries and power generation systems
Life science field Bio-type materials
Medical and welfare equipment
Biochips and biosensors
Function food
Common fields Various regulatory trends
Coordinating support of research results
R&D strategy proposals
Feasibility studies on launching businesses

Publication of Research Reports

Based on our unique research with wide-range information, we provide research reports which focus on perspectives of the most advanced technologies, R&D trends and corporate activities. Our research reports will be of interest to the people involved in R&D, planning and sales divisions.

Publication of Research Reports

Special features of TRC research report publication

Extensive information gathering and objective analysis of selected themes
Proposals of future perspectives factoring in new sense of values and views
Selection of themes based on original problem consciousness

Example of themes of research report

Electronics Field Electronic Materials and Processes
Semiconductors, Nanodevices, Sensors, Jisso (Packaging), MEMS, Displays, Micro-fabrication, Cleaning Methods
Materials and Technology Fields Advanced Material and Technology
Nanocomposites, Nanoparticles, Ionic liquids, Coatings, Gas-barriers, Nonwoven fabrics
Environment and Energy Fields Global Environment, Antipollution, Electric Cells Water recycle, Plastic recycle, Gas separation, Fuel cells,
Dye-sensitized solar cell
Fine Chemical and Bio-medical Fields Fine Chemicals and Technology
Functional additives, Adhesive agents, Anti-bacterium techniques, Water-repellent technology