Life Science

We provide comprehensive support for our customers' research activities, from separation and purification, to quantitative and structural analysis of the nucleic acids, proteins, sugars and lipids important for vital activity, as well as pharmaceutical products and the like. In addition, we carry out structural analysis of proteins and low molecular pharmaceutical products for reliability standards testing.

Nucleic acids

DNA Sequencing



3D-Structure of protein



Analysis of suger chain structure

Pharmaceuticals Natural products

LC-NMR system
LC-NMR Spectra

Capabilities and Applications

Quantitative analysis/Sequence analysis of proteins, sugars and lipids
Characterization of protein
Analysis of pharmaceuticals, Impurity and natural product structure
Antibody preparation and analysis, Cell-based assay
Gene cloning, Protein expression and purification
Preparation of stable transfectant
Peptide synthesis

Analytical Techniques

DNA sequencing, Gene manipulation, Amino acid analysis, Amino acid sequencing
Mass spectrometry (LC/MS(/MS), MALDI-TOF-MS, GC-MS)
Sugar composition analysis, Sugar chain structure analysis, Lipid analysis
Organic compound synthesis, Antibody preparation, Cell culture
NMR, LC-NMR, CD, X-ray crystallography, Element analysis, FT-IR, etc.