Inorganic Analysis

Our forte is to offer qualitative analysis and to ensure high-accuracy and precision for quantitative analysis of various industrial materials, as well as ultra-trace elemental analysis of semiconductor materials. In addition, we offer analysis focusing on the valence of elements and molecular species including inorganic elements.

Inorganic Analysis

Capabilities and Applications

Qualitative and accurate quantitative elemental analyses for bulk samples
Elemental composition analysis / Ultratrace elemental analysis for industrial materials
Ultratrace elemental analysis for semiconductor materials
Trace elemental analysis for biological samples
Analysis of specific ionic forms of elements / Chemical species analysis

Analytical Techniques

Emission spectrometry ICP-AES
Absorption spectrometry AAS, GF-AAS
Mass spectrometry ICP-QMS, ICP-SF-MS
Ion analysis IC, IC-MS/MS, CE, Ion selective electrode
X-Ray spectrometry XRF