Materials Characterization

From the micro to the nano regions, and from general purpose materials to advanced materials, we perform measurement and analysis of physical properties with a broad focus and a problem-solving perspective based on our extensive experience.

  • Pretreatment
  • Microthermal analysis

Laser interferometric dilatometer

Micromechanical testing machine


Softening temperature distribution of a positive resist
(Microthermal analysis)

Capabilities and Applications

Mechanical and rheological properties
Thermophysical properties, Thermal analysis
Chemical engineering, Surface properties
Electrical properties
Molecular weight distribution of polymers

Analytical Techniques

Universal test, Nanoindentation, DMA
DSC, TPD-MS, Microthermal analysis, 3ω, TMA
Gas adsorption, Vapor pressure, Positron annihilation, ζpotential
Electric resistance, Dielectric constant