Structural Analysis

From leading-edge semiconductor-related fields to organic materials, we carry out structural and compositional analyses of various materials to elucidate their atomic and molecular structures, as well as the relationship between their functions and physical properties.

  • Laser Raman spectrometerLaser Raman spectrometer
  • Solid-state NMRSolid-state NMR
  • Raman spectra of a semiconductor materialRaman spectra of a semiconductor material
  • 2D solid-state NMR spectra of vitamin B12D solid-state NMR spectra of vitamin B1
  • FT-IR microspectrometerFT-IR microspectrometer
  • Micro beam X-ray diffractometerMicro beam X-ray diffractometer

Capabilities and Applications

Semiconductor and related materials
Polymer materials
Lithium ion battery, Fuel cell, Solar cell
Displays (LCD, PDP, O-LED)
Microanalysis (composition of small areas and small particles)

Analytical Techniques

Magnetic Resonance NMR (liquid state, solid state), ESR
Infrared absorption spectroscopy FT-IR-ATR, Micro FT-IR, High resolution FT-IR
Laser Raman spectroscopy Ultraviolet, visible, near infrared excitation
Fluorescence spectroscopy Photoluminescence, Cathodoluminescence
X-ray diffraction method Small angle and wide angle X-ray diffraction, GIXR