Morphological Study

Through detailed morphological studies using electron microscopy at the micro and nano levels, and elemental and state analyses in the ultramicroscopic region, we contribute to greater understanding of nanotechnology, which forms the core of modern science and technology, and to the development of leading edge devices.

Optical microscope
SEM image  Cross-sectional TEM
image of a LSI device
Cross section of a sheet of paper

Highly skilled preparation of various types of samples
TEM image  3-Dimensional
 reconstructed image
 High-resolution TEM
 image of ceramics
Catalyst for fuel cell

Capabilities and Applications

Morphology of surface and internal structure
Chemical composition analysis
Crystal structure characterization
Chemical state analysis 

Analytical Techniques

Morphology FE-SEM,TEM,STEM
Chemical composition SEM-EDX,EPMA,AES,AEM
Crystal structure ED,nano-ED,EBSD
Chemical state EELS
3-Dimensional structure TEMT