Toray Research Center mission slogan

Toray Research Center mission slogan

To celebrate our 40th anniversary, Toray Research Center established the mission slogan: “INNOVATION IN. EXCELLENCE UP.” and designed a corresponding logo. This slogan expresses our mission, as an R&D support company, to use our own innovation to make clients’ R&D, and the products coming out of that R&D, into the very best they can be. The logo was designed to clarify our corporate philosophy and values, which transcend different languages and cultures, and to express our innovative, forward-looking, inclusive and expansive global activities.


Contributing to the society through advanced technologies.Toray Research Center, Inc. Kuniaki KAWAMURA, CEO and PresidentContributing to the society through advanced technologies.Toray Research Center, Inc. Kuniaki KAWAMURA, CEO and President

Toray Research Center, Inc. (TRC) was founded in June 1978 by incorporating the analytical division of Toray Industries, Inc. Under the guiding principle of "Contributing to the society through advanced technologies," we have been engaged in providing technical support primarily for "cause analysis" and "problem solving" in the fields of research, development and manufacturing, using analytical techniques and physical analyses.

Our primary and consistent corporate goal since the founding has been to help our clients and keep their trust. We have therefore continued to honor our corporate mottoes of "To provide advanced and reliable technology (TECHNOLOGY)" and "To strictly observe complete confidentiality (TRUST)".

As advanced information technologies spread around the world, and environmental and energy-related issues have a global impact, nanotechnology, biotechnology and other progressive technologies are expected to lead to new products and new systems. To meet our clients' requirements in the midst of today's rapid change and progress in science and technologies, we have built state-of-the-art facilities. Through the constant innovation and hard effort of our staff, we keep and provide more advanced and reliable technologies. Our corporate goal is to become a comprehensive research and development support company to better serve our clients.