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NanoSIMS 50L
NanoSIMS 50L is a high sensitive mass imaging analyzer, which is available for the impurity detection at the ppm level and at the spatial resolution of 50 nm. NanoSIMS 50L is applicable to the various fields, including the semiconductor and display devices. Using the labeling technique we uniquely developed, we can measure the two dimensional bonding structure of biological specimen.

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AFM-Raman spectroscopy is the latest analytical technique that combines AFM observation and Raman imaging with the nanometer level resolution. The newly developed next-generation AFM-Raman probe enables to perform the highly stable measurement and nanoscale structural analysis for the carbon materials such as carbon nanotubes and graphene.

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NanoESI-MS equipped with LESA
NanoESI is generally recognized as one of the most efficient ionization methods for the liquid sample. It is possible to detect the molecular ion of unstable compounds like organometallic complexes.
Additionally, NanoESI-MS is equipped with a surface extraction device, called LESA, which enables the high sensitive analysis for the surface of samples.

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Orbitrap Fusion Lumos
Orbitrap Fusion Lumos is a high-performance mass spectrometer which has the world's highest resolution (500,000) and advanced analytical functions such as multi-stage MS and electron transfer dissociation (ETD).
Using the mass spectrometer, it becomes possible to analyze binding sites of O-glycan on bio-pharmaceuticals and of the drug on antibody-drug conjugate.

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ACOM-TEM (Automated Crystal Orientation Mapping in TEM) is one of powerful techniques for the crystallographic characterization with nanometer spatial resolution. Crystal orientation and grain size can be evaluated quantitatively. This technique is based on TEM so that conventional observation and EDX/EELS measurements are also available in the same experimental system.

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Optical Photothermal IR Spectroscopy (O-PTIR) enables the infrared measurement with a high spatial resolution of less than 1 μm to be impossible by use of conventional FT-IR. It can be applied to analyse the composition of small foreign substances, and the interface composition of multi-layered samples at the same time and with a spatial resolution of less than 1 μm. By combining Raman instrument, O-PTIR realizes the high quality analysis of inorganic and organic materials.

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