OLED Organic Light Emitting Diode

  • Reverse engineering
  • Lighting
  • signage
  • foldable
  • flexible
  • QLED
  • QD
  • Quantum dot
We started to develop R&D of OLED since 1995 Analysis experiences including reverse engineering reach to more than 5,000 OLED panels.  We provide analytical services which can solve the problems in manufacturing process and improve materials with accumulated knowledge for OLED analysis, such as organic materials, composition, multilayer structure, degradation analysis, water permeability etc.
History of Technology
Customer’s Benefits
  • Molecular information of OLED multilayers
    Accurate material information; elements, organic components in multilayers
  • Structural observation
    High contrast observation of organic multilayers
  • Reverse Engineering
    Optimal proposal and analysis based on cumulative experience
    One-stop service for both the purchase and analysis of devices
  • Cause analysis of degradation
    Chemical structure of degradation products after driving test​
    Water permeability analysis with heavy water
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