Evaluation of Lithium Ion Battery

We have started to develop R&D of LIB since 1991 Analysis experiences including disassembly reach to more than 1,000 LIB cells, from consumer to EV battery. Accumulated knowledge for LIB analysis, such as disassembly technology, sample transport and electro-chemical measurement under inert atmosphere.
Customer’s Benefits
  • Compositional analysis of LIB materials
    Acquisition of battery design-related data ;
    • accurate composition information
    • structural analysis of active materials,
    • charge/discharge capacity of electrode etc.
  • Cause analysis of capacity degradation
    Estimate the cause of degradation based on electrochemical data Information of optimal material design and conditions of charging/discharging
  • Battery safety test and reaction analysis
    Estimation of decomposition reaction mechanism from gas composition Product safety evaluation, thermal testing of each component
History of Technology