With accumulated experience more than 40 years and the latest analysis technology, we support our customers in problem solving.

In recent years, in addition to OLEDs and LCDs, the latest technologies such as QD-OLEDs, QD-LCDs, micro LEDs, QLEDs, etc. have been actively developed. In addition to the introduction of advanced analytical instruments and the development of technologies, Toray Research Center, Inc. strengthen cooperation with external organizations so that we can meet a wider range of requests in "materials, processes, and products" for various display devices than ever before.

Currently, organic light emitting diode devices (OLEDs) are mainly used as display panels for smartphones, and the transition from liquid crystal displays (LCDs) to OLEDs is progressing even for large-sized TV applications. As the latest display panels, QD-OLED and QD-LCD, those use quantum dot color conversion, micro LED, and QLED are being developed and installed in large-sized TVs. New VR / AR glass equipped with OLED are released one after another. These latest devices raise expectations for the display industry. From another point of view, the development of various material systems has contributed significantly to the development of displays such as TADF or TADF-assisted OLED, and coating-type polymer OLED in addition to fluorescent and phosphorescent OLED materials. In order to support these developments, we have focused especially on the analysis of OLED materials and devices. For example, as the evaluation of the OLED layer in each pixel, the layer construction analysis by special TEM observation and the qualitative analysis of the organic layer by GCIB-TOF-SIMS have many achievements. The number of commercial product analysis is innumerable. As potential evaluations of the developed materials, we have established enhanced one-stop service systems for contract analysis., such as device prototyping, device performance test, identification of degradation position, detection of degradation product. We will continue to meet all needs for materials, processes and devices, and contribute to the development of the display industry.