LSI, IC & Memory

Pore size evaluation by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
TechData_P01159E (PDF:309KB)
Structure analysis for three-dimensional latest devices
TechData_P01054E (PDF:1,548KB)
Analysis of Organic Additives in CMP Slurry
TechData_S00194E (PDF:166KB)
Structural analysis of photoresist at boundary area in resist pattern
TechData_P01181E (PDF:315KB)
Characterization of defects generated by ion-implantation by cathodoluminescence
TechData_S00263E (PDF:235KB)
Defect-characterization in semiconductor devices by Cathodoluminescence (CL)
TechData_P00346E (PDF:447KB)
Evaluation of optical properties using spectroscopic ellipsometry
TechData_P01107E (PDF:389KB)
Principle of ellipsometry
TechData_S00230E (PDF:180KB)
Stress characterization by Raman spectroscopy
TechData_S00262E (PDF:131KB)
Stress evaluation of TSVs by Raman spectroscopy
TechData_S00261E (PDF:235KB)
Electrical Characterisation of materials by Mercury Probe Capacitance Voltage Measurement (MCV)
TechData_T00134E (PDF:198KB)
Depth profiling of carrier density in SiC epi-wafer by MCV
TechData_T00137E (PDF:378KB)
H and D Depth Analysis by HFS/DFS
TechData_P01015E (PDF:136KB)
High sensitivity depth profiling of light elements in Si semi-conductor by specialized TOF-SIMS
TechData_P01242E (PDF:383KB)
Measurement of water diffusion into sealing layer
TechData_P01138E (PDF:265KB)
SiN depth profile using ion scattering
TechData_P01108E (PDF:385KB)
SRA: Spreading Resistance Analysis (Two-Point Probe system)
TechData_P00413E (PDF:1,014KB)
TXRF (Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence)
TechData_P00412E (PDF:707KB)
Evaluation of the interfacial structure of a SiO2 thin film on a Si substrate
TechData_P01140E (PDF:537KB)
Depth profiling of impurities in the small patterned Si by highly sensitive TOF-SIMS
TechData_P01266E (PDF:614KB)
Least noise-floor AFM in the world ! Roughness analysis of wafers by AFM
TechData_P01078E (PDF:343KB)
Water content measurement using Karl Fischer method, TPD-MS and GC
TechData_P00856E (PDF:318KB)