Quantitative Analysis of Dissolved Gases in Liquid
Quantitative analysis of dissolved gases in liquid is a key process for quality control in manufacturing liquid products. Quick and appropriate separation of the liquid and the dissolved gases is necessary to obtain the accurate contents of the gases. The time dependence of the dissolved gas concentration and the temperature dependence of the solubility of gases can be determined by the specified GC. TechData_P00819E (PDF:100KB)
Composition analysis of plugging substance in ink jet nozzle
In the production processes of ink jet printers, plugging substances around ink jet nozzles result in printing failure. In order to solve the problem, micro FT-IR is applied to analyze the composition of plugging substances. TechData_P00600E (PDF:228KB)
Quantitative analysis of trace components in electronic materials with LC/MS/MS
LC/MS/MS is extremely effective for microanalysis of industrial products including electronics devices, because of its high sensitivity and highly selective quantitative capability. The applications to quantitative analysis of the trace components are shown here. TechData_P00178E (PDF:402KB)
Thermogravimetry-Differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA) measurements under various atmosphere
Specialized TG-DTA measurement system, which perform under the humidity controlled moisture or reduced pressure, is the powerful tool to clarify the weight change and thermal behavior of a material under the various practical use environment, which can not be investigated using usual TG-DTA measurement system. TechData_P00815E (PDF:187KB)