Analysis of oxygen vacancies near the tin atoms in ITO film
TechData_P00053E (PDF:349KB)
Characterizations of poly-silicon for Active Matrix Displays
TechData_P00070E (PDF:343KB)
Enclosed Gas Analysis of Display Panel
TechData_P00535E (PDF:394KB)
Electronic states of a-In-Zn-O films analyzed by x-ray photoelectron and reflected electron energy loss spectroscopies
TechData_P00846E (PDF:180KB)
High sensitivity depth profiling of light elements in Si semi-conductor by specialized TOF-SIMS
TechData_P01242E (PDF:383KB)
u-RBS/HFS Composition and Density Analysis in Micro Region
TechData_P00984E (PDF:387KB)
u-RBS/HFS Compositional Analysis in Small Areas
TechData_T00116E (PDF:240KB)
Analysis of Blemish in LCD Panels
TechData_P00468E (PDF:1,322KB)
Analytical Techniques Available for LCDs
TechData_P00196E (PDF:586KB)
Characterization of the blister gas in the LCD panel by Raman Spectroscopy and TPD-MS
TechData_P00481E (PDF:453KB)
Quantitative analysis of trace components in electronic materials with LC/MS/MS
TechData_P00178E (PDF:402KB)
For realization of more accurate thermal design
TechData_P01001E (PDF:492KB)
Depth profiling of impurities in the small patterned Si by highly sensitive TOF-SIMS
TechData_P01266E (PDF:614KB)