Case 1.
Characterization of Mechanical Properties using Nanoindentation and AFM
Case 2.
Evolved gas analysis for an adhesive in the curing process
Case 3.
Pore size evaluation by positron annihilation lifetime spectroscopy
Case 4.
What can be obtained using GPC except the molecular weight? - molecular size, branch, composition distribution -
Case 5.
Application of Ionic Liquid to SEM Observation
Case 6.
Eluted materials from PVC sheet during chemical-resistant test, and its degradation
Case 7.
Highly sensitive analysis of odorous component in gas
Case 8.
Organic composition analysis
Case 9.
Organic Structural Analysis Using High Resolution GC/MS
Case 10.
Composition Analysis of foreign substances by Laser Raman spectroscopy
Case 11.
Composition analysis of nanometer size foreign particles
Case 12.
Determination of Stress Distribution in Polymeric Materials by Raman Spectroscopy
Case 13.
Fine Structure of Polymer Materials by X-ray Diffraction (Mapping Method)
Case 14.
Hardening or cross-linking of resins, Evaluating degradation of polymers
Case 15.
Instrumental analysis for the elimination of foreign substance
Case 16.
Introduction of Solid-state NMR and Determining component ratio of polymers
Case 17.
Nanoscale chemical imaging of multilayer coating film using AFM-IR
Case 18.
Surface Analysis by TOF-SIMS
Case 19.
Outgas analysis
Case 20.
Phase separation analysis by the various microscopes method of polyurethane
Case 21.
Rheological Characterization of soft materials using the multifunctional rheometer
Case 22.
The technical progress of measurement of molecular weight distribution of polymers
Case 23.
What to do, if plastics component has broken -Cause analysis approaches-
Case 24.
microGPC fractionation system
Case 25.
XPS analysis using the GCIB etching
Case 26.
Case 27.
MALDI-MS -principle and application-
Case 28.
To control adhesion, lubrication and friction freely ! - Approach from the interfacial characterization -
Case 29.
Water content measurement using Karl Fischer method, TPD-MS and GC
Case 30.
For realization of more accurate thermal design
Case 31.
Thermogravimetry-Differential thermal analysis(TG-DTA) measurements under various atmosphere
Case 32.
To investigate the physical properties of the surface - Measurement techniques of surface property -